White Doughnut/Log Box 8x4x4in

£30.60£40.20 (£25.50 EX VAT)

NO DIVIDERS – see category for CUPCAKE Boxes if you require dividers/inserts

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8×4 inch Silver Single Thick Cake Board (Qty25) – Cake Boxes & Cupcake Boxes (cakeboxesdirect.com)

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£30.60 (£25.50 EX VAT)

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About our White Doughnut/Log Box 8x4x4in

White Doughnut/Log Box

White Window Presentation Box. Crash locked for quick and easy assembly.


Millimetres: 203 x 100 x 101
8 x 4 x 4

This versatile White Window Presentation Oblong Box has a clear film window, giving an amazing view of your beautiful Cakes.

It is the perfect box for Donuts, Log or Loaf Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, you name it. The list is endless.

Ideal packaging for gifts, such as soaps, candles, socks, glasses.